Why should you bet on Jackpots in Tanzania

Why are jackpots so popular in Tanzania, and why should you place a bet on a jackpot instead of building your own multibet?
Firstly, it is important to understand how a jackpot is quite different from a multibet. A jackpot is a pre-defined (by the tanzania betting site) list of fixtures. As a punter, you are only able to bet on these matches in the jackpot and can not add your own games to the selection.
Secondly, the jackpot will typically only let you bet on 1X2 odds, meaning you can only bet on Home, Draw or Away. Some allow permutations so you can hedge your bets, but you will only be able to select from these 3 markets.
Thirdly, the jackpot limits you to a certain bet amount, so you are not able to bet whichever amount you want. The minimum required stake will often change if there are permutations used.
Finally, the jackpot typically has a pre-defined jackpot bonus. So if you get all of your predictions correct, you win the jackpot amount. This is different from a multibet, as there are no odds used to calculate the jackpot winnings. It is either put in by the betting site itself, or it is a pool from all the player entries. Luckily we provide predictions for all jackpots as well as football betting tips in Tanzania.

So, given all of this info and limits/control, is betting on a jackpot worth yet.
Well, although it does depend entirely on the individual, betting on a jackpot is great for a number of reasons.
1. It’s quick and easy. The matches are pre-determined, so all you need to do is to make your picks and bet.
2. The jackpot bonus is not based on odds. You don’t need to check that you are getting the odds, or if odd have moved up or down, as this will have no bearing on the stake you bet or the amount you win.
3. The jackpot bonus is lifechanging. You simply need to win one jackpot and the cash prize will change your life.