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Betpawa TZ Pick 17 Prediction

BetPawa Jackpot for 2024-03-02

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Heidenheim vs Eintracht Frankfurt
Union Berlin vs Borussia Dortmund
Fulham vs Brighton & Hove Albion
Athletic Bilbao vs Barcelona
Unknown team vs Unknown team

We can't find the match. We will keep trying

Unknown team vs Unknown team

We can't find the match. We will keep trying

Unknown team vs Unknown team

We can't find the match. We will keep trying

Here you can find the latest predictions for the BetPawa Jackpot for 2024-03-02. The BetPawa Jackpot consists of 14 fixtures. We have predictions for each one of the fixtures. Our top 5 match predictions for the BetPawa are:

  • For Sevilla vs Real Sociedad we think the match will end with a score 1 - 1.
  • For Fulham vs Brighton & Hove Albion we think that Brighton & Hove Albion will win.
  • For Wolfsburg vs Stuttgart we think the match will end with a score 1 - 2.
  • For Napoli vs Juventus we think that Juventus will win.
  • For Athletic Bilbao vs Barcelona we think the match will end with a score 1 - 2.

Betpawa Tanzania is one of the more recognizable and well known betting sites in Tanzania.

A punter looking to check out the offerings of betpawa TZ on will be taken to a landing page offering an early bird special and they will have to sign up with the site to get access.

The site does have an active bet-market, and a punter can build a multi-bet by accessing the link denoting the league in which a bet-maker would like to place a wager. Also take a look at our Betpawa TZ login guide or the Betpawa Mobile App Download.

Betpawa TZ jackpot Predictions

The online sports betting scene in Tanzania is growing in leaps and bounds and is arguably on par with many of the leading bet-nations on the continent. This much can be seen in some of the exciting jackpot games on offer.
The is a site that is gaining popularity, trading on an international brand name that is synonymous with sports betting, in a similar way to Sportpesa, Gal Sport Betting or Wasafi Bet.
The style of the page is iconic in its familiarity and simplistic lay-out. There is not too much frills nor fuss with dazzling colour schematics and over-reliance on graphics and banners.
The Betpawa Tanzania site (www betpawa co tz) offers a wide and varied bet-market, a significantly large jackpot, live in-play action as well as offering a host of sporting codes. Football, as is the norm in Africa, is the most active bet-market and this is superbly covered by the developers.Not yet a member. Find out how to register on Betpawa Tanzania
In going with the no frills theme there is a discerning lack of promotions, standard giveaways and demonstrable ‘how to’ sections.

Betpawa TZ

This is both a positive and a negative, with the serious punter a likely target market. Obviously the site would like to bring in a host of new subscribers but the general look and feel does not aspire to a warm welcome. The site is almost clinical – like a hospital – and in advertising parlance does what it says on the box.
The substantial Betpawa TZ weekly jackpot is one of the more positive features when it comes to attracting potential new clients, with a whopping 200 million Tanzanian Shillings up for grabs. The Betpawa jackpot is typically weekly, unlike the more frequent and daily jackpots from M-Bet tanzania.
The fact that the jackpot is made up of 17 legs means the difficulty in snatching the grand prize is substantially is dramatically increased compared to a Super 12 jackpot for example.
The large winnings make up for the increased odds, but correctly predicting all 17 results is touching on the lottery side of the odds-factor.
The matches for the jackpot are drawn from most global leagues and importantly include some of the top divisions across Europe. The site ostensibly likes to use Sunday games exclusively in-season, and this means an extra day for placing of bets.
Alongside staple games like AC Milan vs Inter Milan and some EPL matches there are scatterings of contests from the Swiss, Russian and Austrian leagues – meaning extra homework and research is often needed to land the multi-million prize.
The minimum bet for the jackpot is 100 Tanzanian Shillings and this is an attractive enough low-stake to get the punters interested, especially considering the hefty pay-out.
An online bet site is made up of much more than a large jackpot and while betpawa Tanzania offers the mechanics of sports betting, there really should be more in the way of promotions and more action.
There is no online casino, keno, lucky numbers or any games of the sort while the only promo on offer is a ‘free bet’ on a scheduled fixture of the day.
The basic mechanisms to learn how to place a bet, how to deposit and easy-to-access vital information is not easily visible on the main home page, and a punter musty scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see the terms and conditions, rules and help sections.
The terms link is essentially all the legalese regarding a bet site operated in Tanzania but does show the maximum pay-out on a ticket is 25 million TZS and the max daily withdrawal is 30 million Shillings.
The actual how to join and bet section is to be found under the ‘help’ icon. The options to play are pretty straight-forward and again talk to the simplicity of using this functional betting portal.
According to this section it seems the only way to place a bet is to open an account with betpawa TZ. Joining up is simple and a punter can just open the page and go to the ‘create an account’ icon and click on it – this will be followed by prompts requiring a user name and password.
There is a contemptible lack of banking details required or bank-options available.
To find these details contacting the operators directly will no doubt help – here are the contact details as provided by the site. Whatsapp +255677062998, Phone Vodacom: 0768 141904
Halotel: 0622 004681 or Email