Bikosports Jackpot Prediction

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Bikosports is a local Tanzanian online sports betting site with clear ambitions to become an industry big hitter, and with a large jackpot prize on offer, it is well on its way to being one.

The site is in Swahili and there does not seem to be an option to change to English, but the Bikosports jackpot is pretty easy to follow; the jackpot is made up of 13 legs, with a punter having to decide on a home win, draw or away win over the 13 selected matches for the bi-weekly draw.

Bikosports Jackpot Prediction

There is a draw on Biko Sport on a Wednesday and over the weekend, and the minimum stake deposit is 1000 Tanzanian Shillings. The grand prize is sitting near the 100 million Shillings mark, so this is definitely a more than decent potential win.

The matches on each draw are taken from international matches and top European leagues when in-season (and smaller global ones out of season).