Bikosports Jackpot Prediction

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Bikosports is a local Tanzanian online sports betting site with clear ambitions to become an industry big hitter, and with a large jackpot prize on offer, it is well on its way to being one.

The site is in Swahili and there does not seem to be an option to change to English, but the Bikosports jackpot is pretty easy to follow; the jackpot is made up of 13 legs, with a punter having to decide on a home win, draw or away win over the 13 selected matches for the bi-weekly draw.

Bikosports Jackpot Prediction

There is a draw on Biko Sport on a Wednesday and over the weekend, and the minimum stake deposit is 1000 Tanzanian Shillings. The grand prize is sitting near the 100 million Shillings mark, so this is definitely a more than decent potential win.

The matches on each draw are taken from international matches and top European leagues when in-season (and smaller global ones out of season).

Online gambling is on the rise and amongst the most popular online gambling activities practiced is online sports’ betting. From Cape to Cairo, most of the African nations in between have relaxed restrictions around online gambling something which has necessitated the exponential rise in the volumes of online sports betting. In Tanzania just like other African nations, sports punters are spoilt for choice when looking for sites to place their bets. One such site that offers great sports betting services is Biko Sports operated by Mobibet Company. In this article, we are going to explore what punters can expect when they settle at Biko Sports. One thing to note before we go into the finer details is the fact that Biko Sports is safe and secure to play at as it holds a valid operating license from the Gaming Board of Tanzania.

How to Register

To start placing bets at Biko Sports, the very first thing that players need to do is to register their accounts. Luckily enough, this process is pretty simple and flawless at Biko Sports. All that players need to do in order to register their accounts is to visit the official Biko Sports site at Once over there, punters will see the Register button right on the homepage up top on the header tab. Clicking this tab will redirect punters to the registration page where punters simply have to follow the steps over there to complete the whole process. The registration process takes less than 5 minutes!

Banking Methods

To start placing bets at Biko Sports, all that players need to do is to make deposits first. At the present moment, deposits as well as withdrawals at this sports betting site are only processed via mobile transactions using PayBill. What this, therefore, means is that in order for punters to start placing bets, they need to have a Tanzanian mobile number which is linked with a mobile money service.

Products on Offer

  • Sports Betting: The primary focus of Biko Sports is in offering sports betting services. As such, when players access this site, they will quickly notice that the majority of the products on offer are sports betting offers – the dominant among these being football betting. Football bets at Biko Sports can be placed both for continental leagues as well as global leagues such as the English Premier League. Owing to its ability to offer sports bets for numerous global leagues, Biko Sports has endeared itself with multitudes of Tanzanian punters.  In addition to football bets, Biko Sports also does offer bets for the following sports:

Tennis, ice hockey, handball, volleyball, basketball, futsal, rugby, cricket, darts, snooker, table tennis, baseball, boxing, MMA, floor ball and Bandy

  • Jackpots: Another product that’s also offered at Biko Sports are Jackpots. However, the jackpots are also linked back to sports betting. This necessitated by the fact that the jackpots are simply pre-selected football games which when predicted as is will return a jackpot prize for the player once all predictions turn out correct.
  • Virtuals: At the present moment, no virtuals are offered. at Biko Sports.
  • Casino: There aren’t any casino games present at Biko Sports
  • Lottery: There are no lotteries offered at Biko Sports.

Promotional Offers

From time to time, Biko Sports does offer some promotional offers to its punters. Punters therefore need to constantly check the Biko Sports site to see if there are any currently running promos.

Round Up

Biko Sports is a great betting site to settle at for all sports punters looking to place their bets. One thing that is impressive about this site is that it also offers sports betting linked jackpots meaning players stand a chance of scooping big payouts when they correctly predict the outcomes of the pre-selected matches on the jackpot tickets.