M bet TZ

Jackpot has ended.

M bet TZ is fast becoming a punter favourite and one of the top betting sites in Tanzania, with a substantial daily jackpot the only site in Tanzania to do so. The others, like Betika, GSB, Wasabi Bet and Betpawa TZ, only offer weekly jackpots.

M bet TZ offers a football jackpot pool called the Perfect 12 and the minimum stake is 1000 Tanzanian Shillings, with potential winnings running into hundreds of millions of shillings.

As the name implies the jackpot is made up of 12 legs, with the punter having to predict a home win, draw or away win on each of the dozen contests. See our guide to download the M Bet TZ App.

M bet Perfect 12

The Perfect 12 Jackpot takes in matches all over the world, including Europe, South African PSL and many more and this is potentially what makes it so difficult to predict correctly. There are many matches taken from very minor leagues and these games often throw the punter off track – with their obscurity. There are even matches from non-league English clubs on offer.

There are pay-outs for punters who lose one leg and correctly predict 11 of the 12 games and they earn on average 4 million Shillings, while hitting 10 from 12 games will earn a bet-maker approximately 500 000. Don’t forget you can also play the mbet perfect 12 on the M-bet TZ APK

Punters who manage to get 9 out of 12 correct results will earn around 40 000 Shillings.

Tanzanian have for a long time displayed great affection for sports betting. Innovative software developers and operators noticed this and started to come up with different sports betting sites all designed with the sole purpose of quenching the thirst of Tanzanian sports punters. One such sports betting site that was designed for this purpose is M-Bet Tanzania. At M-Bet Tanzania, all sports punters regardless of the sports that they love and prefer placing bets on will find the site to be appealing as it supports a wide range of sporting disciplines. Not only this but the site offers great value odds on all its betting markets meaning players derive great value from their bets! In this article, we are going to share with all players the key things that they need to know about M-Bet Tanzania starting with info on registering an account, banking methods supported to the products on offer.  

How to Register on Mbet TZ

How easy is it to eat porridge? The answer is it’s very easy and simple. Well, the same simplicity associated with eating porridge is the same simplicity that applies when it comes to registering an account at M-Bet Tanzania. To register an account, punters simply need to visit the official M-Bet Tanzania site at https://m-bet.co.tz/. Once they land on the homepage, they need to hit the REGISTER button located at the header tab. Clicking the button redirects players to the registration page where they are required to input their mobile phone number (Tanzania only) and choose their preferred password. Once they provide the info, the next thing is to accept the Terms and Conditions and hit the REGISTER button. As soon as the REGISTER button is hit, the punter becomes a registered punter at M-Bet Tanzania!  

Banking Methods

As the world we now live in is a digital world and if truth be said it’s moving towards a more mobile world – M-Bet Tanzania does is following suit. This is largely demonstrated on the banking methods front as all supported banking methods are mobile payments. Deposits can only be processed when coming from mobile wallet platforms. The same applies when it comes to withdrawals. The supported mobile money wallets at M-Bet Tanzania are as follows:

  • M-Pesa
  • Tigo Pesa
  • Airtel Money
  • HaloPesa

Products on Offer

  • Sports Betting: M-Bet Tanzania prides itself as the prime sports betting site for all Tanzanian punters. The site’s assertion is very much vindicated as soon as players load the site as they will get to see that most if not all of the top soccer leagues are supported, and we provide all the football tips in Tanzania you’ll need. Not just this, the site also accepts bets on other sporting disciplines.
  • Jackpots: Well, sometimes choosing the matches to place bets on can be a bit overwhelming for some. Recognizing this, M-Bet Tanzania came with a great solution. This solution comes in the form of Jackpots. At M-Bet Tanzania, there is a Perfect12 Jackpot. Players looking to play this jackpot will find that there are 12 pre-selected matches which they just need to make predictions for. If the predictions come out all correct, they instantly hit a lucrative jackpot prize. In case, one or more fixtures on the pre-selected 12 fails to take place for whatever reason or is cancelled, punters are required to make predictions for 5 ‘fixtures reserved for possible cancellations’.  
  • Virtuals: Virtuals aren’t present at the site at the moment.
  • Casino: There are no casino games offered.
  • Lottery: Lotteries aren’t present at M-Bet Tanzania.

Promotional Offers

Generally, M-Bet Tanzania offers its M-Bet Perfect12 Jackpot as a form of a promotional offer. Players who fail to hit all 12 predictions correct and fall somewhere near with 9, 10 or 11 correct predictions will win a consolation prize.