Throne Bet Tanzania

Throne Bet is a TZ sports betting company that first endeared itself with Tanzanian punters as a brick and mortar sportsbook. With various betting halls spread across the country, Tanzanian punters do frequent to Throne Bet betting halls looking to place bets on a wide variety of sporting disciplines which include soccer, basketball and Formula 1. However, though for a long time punters were restricted to visiting Throne Bet only at its brick and mortar betting halls, in 2016 that all changed when Throne Bet expanded its operations and opened a Throne Bet online sportsbook. The other popular TZ betting sites include: M Bet TZ, PM Bet TZ Wasafi Bet.

Throne Bet online sportsbook operates more like an online dashboard of the brick and mortar betting halls showing all that players can expect when they visit the physical branches – punters can also check out the nearest betting hall that they can place a bet at, at the site. More impressive about this online sportsbook however is the fact that the site constantly displays top trending news stories which allow punters to place their bets from a more informed position hence the increasing punters’ probability of winning big! To learn all there is to know about the Throne Bet Tanzania online sportsbook, let’s jump into the finer details.  

Products on Offer

  • Sports Betting: Punters ought to know that they cannot place any online bets at Throne Bet online sportsbook. However, what they are able to do is to download short fixtures, daily update fixtures and complete fixtures templates for upcoming sports betting events. Players can also download the official results template of previous sports betting events to see if their previous bets won.

Though punters aren’t able to place their bets online, the online sportsbook serves a significant purpose in displaying the supported sporting disciplines such that punters at all times can know the sports they can place bets on once they walk inside the Throne Bet brick and mortar branches.

  • Jackpots: Jackpots aren’t offered.
  • Virtuals: Virtuals aren’t offered.
  • Casino: Casino games aren’t offered.
  • Lottery: Lotteries aren’t offered.

Throne Bet Promotional Offers

The Throne Bet online sportsbook displays the promotional perks that punters can expect when they walk inside any Throne Bet physical branch. Mainly there are two promotions to talk about and they are as follows:

  1. Cash Back: Punters who open a parlay bet with 10+ events will receive their wager back if one leg fails and prevents them from winning
  2. Throne Bet Boost: All parlay bets with 6+ events will have enhanced odds that will see the player receiving parlay bonuses of up to 300 per cent the wagered amount

Round Up

Throne Bet online sportsbook acts as a great online dashboard for the Throne Bet brick and mortar branches. Though players aren’t able to place online bets, they know that once they visit the site, they can see all of the upcoming events that they can place bets on. Punters via the online sportsbook can also check previous results to see if their tickets won. Even more impressive is the fact that there is a news section where players can read top trending sports stories hence enabling them to place bets from a more informed position.  

How to Register on Throne Bet

Throne Bet online sportsbook operates more like an online dashboard for the Throne Bet physical branches. This, therefore, means cannot place their bets online hence there is no need to register any account. At the Throne Bet online site, punters only see the things that they can expect to encounter once they walk inside the physical branches.

Throne Bet Deposit Options

Throne Bet does not process any payments online. All those who want to deposit and initiate withdrawals will have to visit the physical branches.