Betpawa Pawa 6 Predictions

Are you a Betpawa client? Well, you must be because Betpawa has an amazing game called Pawa 6 which is absolutely free of charge and punters can win amazing prizes including the jackpot prize of $25,000. This game can only be played by betPawa clients so you must simply register for a free Betpawa account.

The ‘6’ in the Pawa 6 represents the number of fixtures because there is a total of 6 fixtures in a Pawa 6 round and for you to win, you must correctly predict the scores in all the six fixtures in a relevant round. There is what is called the ‘Golden Goal’ where the prediction is based on the actual time of the first goal. This ‘Golden Goal’ will come into play if there are two or more punters who have correctly predicted the score of all the Pawa6 fixtures.

What happens is that if there are two or more punters with correct predictions, the prize will be won by the player whose ‘Golden Goal’ predictions is closest to the actual time of the first goal, but If two or more players predicted ‘Golden Goals’ which were equally close to the time of the first goal, the weekly jackpot prize of $25,000 will be split equally amongst those players.

Besides the jackpot prize of $25,000, the top 20 at the end of every week will win cash prizes so there is a lot to be won in this promotion. This promotion works by way of points which means that for each and every correct prediction, you will receive 2 points and for each and every correct score, you will receive 5 points and these are the points which will be added at the end of the round to decide the punters who will win the jackpot or make the top 20.

The Pawa 6 round remains open until the kick-off of the first game of the round, so you can join and play at any time for free. Please note that you can edit your entries up until the kick off of the first match.

Please note that the fixtures on the Pawa 6 are pre-selected for you and you cannot select the fixtures for yourself.