Betting Sites in Tanzania with Jackpots

Football jackpots offer the punter an opportunity to win life-changing amounts and are proving to be one of the biggest drawcards to a sportsbook operator.

There are a handful of meaningful jackpots in Tanzania, with many of the leading brands offering the pools.

The list of Tanzanian sites offering top-notch football jackpots include: 

Premierbet is one of a handful of well-known Tanzanian online sports betting sites offering a substantial football jackpot.

The site is one of the more impressive on the market, and alongside the jackpot offer a wide range of bet-activities and virtual play options.

The jackpot is the pace to win life-changing amounts and premierbet offers one of the biggest win-amounts, starting at 250 000 USD or around 550 million Shillings. The weekly jackpot is made up of 18 legs, taken from matches across the world. The pick 18 is a traditional 1×2 (home win, draw, away win) format, and the minimum stake is .20 USD.


Betpawa TZ is a well-known African powerhouse and the Tanzanian version offers a range of bet activities, including a football jackpot. The pool is a 17-leg affair, using the traditional 1×2 format.

The Betpawa jackpot is decent but does not rank as the country’s easiest not biggest paying. The fact that 17 legs are employed means the chances of winning are that much harder, and the highest pay outs total around 200 million shillings. There are sites that offer higher pay outs for pools consisting of 12 or 13 legs.

The one advantage of playing the betpawa jackpot is the low minimum stake, which sits at 1-00 Shillings. This is between 10 and 20 times smaller than some of the competitors on the market.

The matches for the weekly jackpot are taken from leagues across the world, but include the most popular like EPL, La Liga and Serie A. There are also some obscure matches from lesser known leagues from time to time.


Many platforms offer a range of daily or weekly jackpots, consisting of between 12 and 18 legs. Supabets offers more jackpot variety with a handful of different pools games.

There is a soccer 4 (four legs), soccer 6 (six legs), soccer 10 (ten legs) and soccer 13 (thirteen legs).

The jackpots are run on a combination of daily, midweekly and weekly dependent on the service provider, but there is always jackpot action to be had on this site. The supa 10 jackpot win goes as high as 300 million Shillings.

The soccer 6 goes up to about 150 million shillings.

The soccer 4 jackpot hovers around the 50 000-200 000 Shilling mark. All minimum deposits are set at the 1000 Shilling mark.


Sportpesa is a portal that offers a substantial football jackpot, and while it is not the biggest on offer in the country it is still a potentially life changing event.

The platform employs a weekly sportpesa TZ jackpot consisting of 13 legs, with the accumulative pool sometimes running into the 300-400 million Shilling mark.

The minimum bet is slightly higher than other portals, with a min stake set at 2000 Shillings.

The consolation prizes for predicting 10, 11 or 12 correct picks is also slightly on the lower end, with punters picking up 1 million for 12 out of 13 for example.

Because the jackpot is a weekly affair the matches on the offer tend to come from the more well-known leagues such as the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga. There are also English Championship games on the fixture list.


Mbet TZ is one of the most highly rated online sports betting sites in Tanzania with a wide range of promotions, gameplay and bet-markets.

One of the more popular features is the football jackpot and mbet gets this right through a daily offering of a 12-legged jackpot. The pool is called the Perfect 12 and offers punters the chance to win amounts up to 400 million Tanzanian shillings. The minimum stake is 1000 Shillings.

There are decent consolation prizes with punters earning from picking 11, 10 and nine correct predictions.

The average pay-out for 9 correct picks hovers around the 35-50 000 shillings mark, while 10 out of 12 could earn a player half a million shillings. Missing one pick can still net a player a significant 4 million shillings.

The matches are taken from leagues all over the world, and with this being a daily jackpot there are games from some of the biggest leagues in Europe to some of the more obscure action from little-known competitions.


The online sports betting community in Tanzania provides punters with a range of platforms, ranging from the high-heeled and well-established brands to some action from lesser known portals.

Wakabet does not have a continental footprint but is a popular Tanzanian betting site and it offers a football jackpot made up of 12 legs. The jackpot is called the Wakapot and deatures consolation prizes for 9, 10 and 11 correct picks out of 12. The matches used are taken from league all over the world, but mostly seem to come from obscure competitions. There are a few games from EPL and La Liga, but most of the card is filled with lesser known clubs.

The pay outs from the 12-leg pool is around 50-100 million Shillings and the minimum bet is 500.

There is also a Haraka Wakapot, and this looks like a five-legged jackpot, made up of correct scores (15 possible outcomes). The minimum bet on this pool is 500 Shillings and the win amount is around the 10 million mark.

Biko sports

The online sports betting industry in Tanzania is awash with quality, household brands as well as a sprinkling of lesser-known regional platforms.

Bikosports Tanzania is an ambitious, if limited online betting site that offers a decent football jackpot. There are two jackpots per week (mid and weekend) and they are made up of 13 legs. The format is the traditional 1×2 format. The jackpot win hovers around the 80-120 million mark and the minimum bet is 1000 shillings.

The matches offered on the bikosport jackpots do not seem to cover the major European leagues, instead providing punters with offerings from the lower tiers of English football and more obscure action across the globe.

This is a unique, if difficult-to-catch jackpot, and is a break from the standard practise currently on offer in Tanzania.

The online betting industry in Tanzania is filled with top brand names and a few hit and miss sites, with a handful employing substantial football jackpots and others struggling to maintain this feature. used to have a football jackpot with pay-outs in excess of 100 million shillings but this seems to be discontinued, around mid-2018. Whether they will continue this service is